Laboratory Animal Science in Indonesia: Perspective and Future Challenges


The American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS)

Indonesian Laboratory Animal Veterinarians Association (ILAVA)

Indonesian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (IALAS)

Primate Research Center at Bogor Agricultural University (PRC-IPB)



Animal research continues to play a vital role in medical, veterinary and scientific breakthrough. Advancement in the medical science and technology relies heavily on scientific research, including those that involve laboratory animals - from basic science to translational research and pre-clinical testing.

It is a well-proven concept that good laboratory animal welfare promotes sound science. While systems for implementation of such concept are well-established in developed countries, Indonesia alongside many other Asian countries is still thriving to achieve similar animal care standards to support their research development. Importantly, Indonesia have shown a significant progress in the field of animal research in the recent decade whereby many institutions; academia, government as well as private sectors, have become more aware of the importance of ethics and welfare pertaining to the care and use of animals. Examples of such actions include the formation or improvement of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee in various institutions, development of new animal research facilities, the increase in the number of distributors of laboratory animal equipment and supplies, as well as the launch of competence certification system for laboratory animal veterinarians. The establishment of the National Committee of Medical Research Ethics which includes veterinarian members also shows the support of the government towards a better standard for laboratory animal care.

In response to such encouraging atmosphere, there is a clear need for a forum to discuss current issues, advancement and challenges in the field of laboratory animal research in Indonesia. The Indonesian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (IALAS) and Indonesian Laboratory Animal Veterinarians Association (ILAVA) are professional organizations that share the mission to promote laboratory animal welfare in order to promote better science. These associations are strongly supported by the Primate Research Center at Bogor Agricultural University (PRC-IPB), which is one of the Centers of Excellence for Research and Technology established by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia. Here, we plan to conduct the first joint International Seminar on Laboratory Animal Science in Indonesia, whereby we will have invited international and national experts to share their knowledge and experience in the field. At the same time, the event will also allow scientists of various backgrounds to share their exciting research and study findings in the topics relevant to laboratory animal science and medicine.


This event will be a unique opportunity for laboratory animal science community in Indonesia, consisting of researchers, lecturers, students, veterinarians, medical professionals, technicians, ethics committee members from academic institutions, government agencies, and pharmaceutical industry to share knowledge and discuss the strength, potential, regulation and challenges of laboratory animal research, relevant to the situation in Indonesia.


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