Recipients of the 2018-2019 AIFIS/Luce Foundation Fellowships

AIFIS is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2018-2019 Henry Luce Foundation Fellows:

U.S. Fellows:

Darin Self, Cornell University, Government/Competing for Power: Identifying Institutional Influence in Authoritarian Regime

Andrew Weintraub, University of Pittsburgh, Music/Critical dimensions of music to collective memory of 1965-66 

Francesca Pase, University of Georgia, Education/Navigating the Emotional Landscape of the Indonesian Early Childhood Classroom 

Galen Stolee, Harvard University, Anthropology/The Mediators: Truth and Regulation in the Indonesian News Industry 

Maho Ishiguro, Wesleyan University, Music/Srimpi Moncar: Analysis of the Chinese-ness through the lens of Javanese Aesthetics 

Wendy Erb, Columbia University, Calls for Conservation: Bioacoustic Monitoring of Endangered Apes to Support Protection of a Threatened Bornean Landscape 

Brent Luvaas, Drexel University, Project: Insta-nesia: Street Photography, Social Media, and the Indonesian Urban Imagination 

Indonesian Fellows:

Ika Nurhayani, Brawijaya University, Dayak Desa: A Dialect of Sanggau or a Separate Language?

 Desi Adhariani, University of Indonesia, Eco Innovation of Indonesian Palm Oil Companies: Cost and Benefit Analysis

Silvester Pramadi Tjiptopradonggo, Indonesian Art Institute of Surakarta, The Dynamics of Surakarta Style Javanese Dance Outside the Keraton during the Decades from the 1940s to 2000s 

Theresia Indira Shanti, Atma Jaya University, The Implementation of Mental Health Service among University and College Campuses 

Benny Baskara, Halu Oleo University in Sulawesi, Religious Ecological View of the Bajo people in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

 George Tawakkal, Brawijaya University, Malang, Meaning of Democracy and Vote Buying

 Achmad Munjid, Gadjah Mada University, Interfaith Relations among Indonesian Diaspora in the U.S.

 Desiree Simandjuntak, Small-scale tuna fishery governance and market access in Toli-Toli, Sulawesi

12. Academic Writing for International Publication at  Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta with Paul Kratoska.JPG