ACC-R Fellow 2018



The Asia Culture Research Institute (ACRI) in the Asia Culture Center (ACC) is seeking ACC Residency Fellows (ACC-R Fellow), in order to promote diversity of research surrounding Asian culture and enhance cooperation between institutes and researchers focused on the subject.

The ACC-R Fellow will contribute to humanistic discourse and expand cultural horizons, it is a program which seeks to support researchers who have developed original research themes on the subject of Asia. The program will run for two to six months from June to November, 2018, depending on the duration stipulated on the participants’ application.

During the program, each visiting researcher will be actively involved in exchanges with other participants. They will have many opportunities to enhance their own expertise with the possibility of follow-up studies through various academic events in the ACC, such as symposiums and seminars, etc.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from passionate, dedicated researchers who would like to join in our sincere effort to look at Asia in a new way and promote cultural diversity.

To apply, click here.