Recipients of 2018-2019 AIFIS/CAORC Fellowships

AIFIS is pleased to announce of recent recipients for our CAORC sponsored fellowships:

Russel Barlow, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Documentation, Description, and Analysis of the Suwawa Language

Michelle Bonati, State University of New York, Plattsburgh, Amplifying Children’s Voices within Arts-Based-Service-Learning: Emerging Inclusive Education Practices in Indonesia

Aldo Foe, University of Illinois, Chicago, Nagara and the Masjid: Mosque Construction and the Political Economy of Islamization in Early Modern Period Indonesia

Patricia Hardwick, Hofstra University, Indonesian Tales, Transnational Histories: Inscribing Riau Mak Yong Narratives

Michael Miller, Cornell University, Bread, Rice, Sago: Religious Division and Cohesion in Eastern Indonesia, 1880-1941

Emily O’Dell, Yale University, Intersections of Gender and Spirituality in the Shadow Puppet Performances of Pak Prubo

Jessica Peng, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Archipelagic “Potentials:” Infrastructure, Education, and Labor in Indonesia

Ann Marie Thornburg, Notre Dame University, Vectors and Victims: Confronting Vulnerability and Valuing Life in Bali’s Human-Dog Communities